Thursday, June 10, 2004

The LifeBuilder Project

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…Because rulers can be counted, but the impact of homelessness cannot be measured.

EHC LifeBuilders is working hard to reduce the numbers of homeless in our county. In 2004, we helped 13,000 rebuild their lives. Now, we will build a house. In an effort to measure homelessness we will construct a playhouse with 13,000 wooden rulers. By buying a ruler, you become a building block to a better future. For $10, EHC LifeBuilders will dedicate one ruler to the building of the playhouse and send one home with you as a reminder of your role in ending homelessness. For more information or questions please contact Jennifer Porter at

To purchase rulers please complete this form and include with check or credit card information.


I would like to purchase:
___ Set(s) of Rulers x $10 = $____ Total
___ Set (s) of Gold Rulers x $50 = $ _____ Total
___ Set (s) of Platinum Rulers x $1,000 = $ _____ Total

Credit: (please circle one) Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, Discover

Card Number: ___________________________________________
Exp. Date: ______________________________________________

Name on Card:
Billing Address:

__Please send my ruler to the above address.
__Please keep my ruler and put it to good use.
Sold by: Bob Dolci

Please mail to: EHC LifeBuilders, Attn: Singles Division, 2011 Little Orchard St., San Jose, CA 95125