Thursday, September 01, 2005

Sample Intercessions for September 4, 2005 - Hurricane, Labor Day

23rd Sunday Ordinary Time, Year A
September 4, 2005

Things, events, and news items to keep in mind:

  • Click here for this Sunday's readings.
  • The Gulf coast of the United States is devastated by Hurricane Katrina. Thousands are feared dead. Thousands more are exiled from their hometowns and are living as refugees in shelters.
  • 900 die in a stampede in Iraq during a religious procession. Many victims are children.
  • Conflict continues in Iraq, Afghanistan, and the Gaza strip.
  • African countries continue to suffer under starvation.
  • This weekend is Labor Day and the unofficial start to the work year. Some parishioners may be travelling and visitors may be in your parish this weekend.
  • The nation prepares to mark the 4th anniversary of 9/11.
The following are just samples meant to inspire your work. Use them as ideas for your own assembly's intercessions. Read 10 Principles for Writing Intercessions and Step by Step Guide to help you write your own.

With hearts weighed down by death and destruction,
let us cry out to God our only hope,
for he is our God, and we are the people he shepherds,
the flock he guides.

For the Church, wherever two or three are gathered in Christ’s name,
for all who seek the way of the Gospel:
May our words be filled with compassion for those who suffer,
our actions be guided by love of our neighbor,
and our hands be opened to welcome all in need.
We pray to the Lord.

For the world, neighbors near and far,
for those living in daily fear of death,
for those in Iraq and Afghanistan, Israel and Africa,
and all places of conflict and chaos:
May they hear voices of peace
and find hearts softened by mercy.
We pray to the Lord.

For our nation, especially those in the Gulf coast of our land,
for those numbed by the loss of everything,
for those still waiting to be found,
for those exiled from all they have known,
for all who feel helpless and hopeless, weary and worn:
May our gathering in faith today
and our prayers in the name of Jesus
bring them healing and hope.
We pray to the Lord.

For all who labor and work,
for rescue and aid personnel who bring relief to those afraid and suffering,
for migrant workers and factory hands who labor to feed and clothe us,
for parents who labor to care for their families,
for those who do the work we do not want to do ourselves:
May they find just recompense in this life and the next.
We pray to the Lord.

For those who have lost their jobs to natural disasters, age, or human greed,
for young people searching for their life’s calling,
for all who seek the dignity of work and meaningful employment:
May they recognize how precious they are in the eyes of God.
We pray to the Lord.

For the sick and the suffering,
for those at the edge of death,
especially those we now name…:
May all the sick and those who care for them
find comfort and healing in the love of God and the support of neighbors.
We pray to the Lord.

For the dead,
for the victims of the hurricane,
for those killed in Iraq and Afghanistan,
for those who died alone of starvation, disease, or loneliness,
and for those we now name…:
May they live eternally in the gentle embrace of God.
We pray to the Lord.

Lord, to whom shall we go?
Only you have the words of everlasting life.
Look upon your people and hear our cries.
See our unity in prayer and our solidarity with those in need,
and grant what we ask, for we ask them in the name of Christ the Lord.