Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Chrism Mass 2009 - Collection of Oil Vessels

In preparation for the Chrism Mass on Tuesday, March 31, 2009, 7:30p at the Cathedral Basilica of Saint Joseph, please be sure that your parish oil vessels are undamaged, well-cleaned (you won't believe some of the things we still find growing in some vessels!), and delivered to the Office for Parish Services, in the carrying boxes in which they were presented last year labeled with your parish's name.

Click here to find out how to dispose of old Holy Oils, for tips on how to clean your oil vessels, and what you should do with the water used to clean them.

Please bring your empty, sparkling clean oil vessels to the Office for Parish Services, 900 Lafayette Street, 4th floor, Suite 405, Santa Clara between March 1 and March 23, 2009.

ADA will pick-up your vessels:
The Annual Diocesan Appeal office is offering convenient pick-up of your oil vessels at your parish during their regularly-scheduled ADA pick-ups every Tuesday. Simply give the courier your vessels along with your ADA collection.

Attention Institutions:
Hospitals, religious communities, and other institutions who wish to have oils blessed for use in 2008 are asked to bring stocks, carefully cleaned, to the Office for Parish Services by noon on Tuesday, March 24, 2009. Stocks will be available for pick-up from the Office of Pastoral Ministry on Wednesday, April 1 after 1:00p.

When will you get your new oils?
You can pick up your vessels with the newly blessed oils for 2009 after the Chrism Mass at the reception in the Cathedral's parish hall. Please coordinate with your parish leadership who will be the person responsible from your parish to retrieve the parish's oils at the Chrism Mass.

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