Monday, August 16, 2004

20th Week in Ordinary Time

Blessed are they who blog

This summer, in between reading and writing for my grad school classes at Saint John's University School of Theology and fighting off the mosquitoes of Central Minnesota, I got hooked on reading blogs, the internet version of personal diaries. Since blogs first appeared in the early 90s, they've become much more than just "dear diary." Newspapers and magazines use blogs to supplement their stories, large organizations use blogs to collaborate more effectively on team projects, and families create photo-blogs to show off their vacation pictures. If our parishioners are using blogs in their daily life, why couldn't the Catholic church use today's technology too?

So welcome to your new Liturgy Notes newsletter! This should solve the problems of unnecessarily filling up your e-mailbox with large files and not being able to read the formatting. And now you can easily share these notes just by sharing its address: (I still have to learn how to insert animation, so these blogs won't have those fun graphics yet. If you know how to do this, please let me know.)

Every Monday morning, this newsletter-blog will have new information to help you in planning your parish's liturgy. If additional announcements come up during the week, I'll post them here too. You can check out the blog anytime during the week, day or night. The best thing is that previous posts will be archived (see the sidebar for a listing of previous posts archived by week). I will also post the previous Liturgy Notes that I had sent earlier this year so you and your liturgical ministers can access them as well.

This year will bring many blessings and challenges for all who prepare and care for the liturgy. Hopefully this newsletter can help you make the work you do a blessing for our diocese.

Diana Macalintal
Associate for Liturgy - Diocese of San Jose