Monday, August 23, 2004

Books for Blessing

Christians have the right and responsibility to thank God through the blessings they give each other. For this reason, the Church has two resources that can help the local church (the parish) and the domestic church (the home) exercise its duty to bless.

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The Book of Blessings contains many of the Church's orders for blessing. This ritual book contains blessings:

  • for persons (families, married couples, children, engaged couples, expectant parents, new parents, parents after miscarriage, parents and adopted children, birthday celebrants, elderly, the sick, those suffering from addiction, victims of crime, missionaries, catechists, students and teachers, those gathered at a meeting, organizations concerned with public needs, pilgrims, travelers);
  • for buildings and human activity (building site, home, school, library, parish hall, facility for the sick, office, gym, transportation, boats, equipment, tools, animals, fields and flocks, seeds, harvest, athletic event, meals)
  • for liturgical objects (font, ambry, presider's chair, lectern, tabernacle, confessional, church doors, cross, images, bells, organ, chalice and paten, stations of the cross, cemetery)
  • for devotional items (rosaries, scapular)
  • for feasts and seasons (advent wreath, manger, Christmas tree, homes during Christmas and Easter, St. Joseph's table, Easter food, mother's and father's day, Thanksgiving food)
  • for various needs (parish leaders, liturgical ministers, new parishioners, parishioners leaving, public officials)

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The Catholic Household Blessings & Prayers is the domestic church's book of blessings. This is a necessary ritual text for any Catholic home. It includes not only daily prayers and blessings for special occasions, but also prayers to learn by heart and an inspiring “primer” on praying in the home found in the introduction to the text.

Like the Book of Blessings it has rites for blessing people, places, and seasons. It also includes sections on daily blessings and common Christian prayers.

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