Monday, January 17, 2005

Three Ways to Grow in Reverence

RedwoodThis article by Diana Macalintal first appeared in Eucharistic Ministries #246, September 2004.

Revealing the presence of God is an extraordinary task, yet we can do so with simple ordinary actions.

Slow down. Like speeding down the highway, busy-ness and hurriedness prevent us from seeing God in unexpected places. Move slowly as you do your ministry. When the unexpected happens, look for the God hidden in disruptions.

Be fully present. Once the liturgy begins, your work is first as an assembly member. Don’t let the tasks of your specialized liturgical ministry overshadow your participation in the primary ministry of the baptized. Sing, respond, listen, move and pray as carefully as you do your other responsibilities during the Mass.

Seek the sacred in unfamiliar places. As Catholics, we have a common understanding of where God is present. These we call sacraments. Yet our vision of God’s presence need not be limited to just these. Note the people, places and things that you most outwardly reverence. Then look at those other people, places and things that seem more “ordinary” to you. For one day, give your reverent attention to these people. Spend time in an ordinary place and look beyond what you see. Enter into an unfamiliar experience and let God surprise you.