Saturday, May 21, 2005

Catechumenate Training Survey

Many of you already know Sr. Miriam Malone, SNJM, who has provided several formation and retreat opportunities in the diocese for catechumens and those who work with the Rite of Chistian Initiation of Adults.

While Sr. Miriam had been the Director of Christian Initiation for the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, she developed a formation program for those who wanted to better implement and direct the catechumenate process in their parish. Sr. Miriam is offering our diocese the opportunity to participate in a similar formation program for catechumenate leaders and team members in our own diocese.

Through her SNJM Fire for Ministry team, she is offering a 10-session program that provides the participants:

  • intensive training in every element of the initiation process;
  • liturgical experiences of the rites of the catechumenate;
  • training in mystagogical reflection on these rites as the basis for catechesis;
  • practical strategies for forming team members, catechists, sponsors, and the assembly in the initiation process;
  • models for evangelization and catechesis during all periods of initiation;
  • faith sharing and community building with other pastoral ministers;
  • evaluation skills, critique of current practices, and opportunity for post-program follow up.

Her program takes place over 10 full-day monthly gatherings (approximately 6-7 hours each) at the cost of $35 each gathering. Participants would commit to all 10 gatherings since an integral component of faith sharing requires a consistent community. Limited partial scholarships would also be available through the Office of Pastoral Ministry. Workshops would take place either at the Villa Holy Names Spirituality Center in Los Gatos or at a local parish in the diocese.

Before the liturgy office can contract Sr. Miriam, we would like to find out if this kind of program would be feasible and of interest for those who work with the catechumenate or are planning to implement the catechumenate in their parish.

If you are a catechumenate director, a member of a parish catechumenate team, a pastor, or person commited to implementing the catechumenate in your parish within the Diocese of San Jose, please take one minute to fill out the survey below. Your information will be kept confidential and will only be used to compile a summary of responses from our diocese. If you have any questions about this survey or the proposed training program, please contact Diana Macalintal.

Catechumenate Training Survey
- for Catechumenate directors
and team members
in the Diocese of San Jose -

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Would you or one of your team members commit to signing up for this 10-session training program?

If you answered 'No' or 'Maybe' what would make the program more interesting for you? (Check all that apply.)
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scholarships offered
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