Wednesday, October 19, 2005

"Built of Living Stones" Course at JSTB

The Jesuit School of Theology at Berkeley will be offering a spring 2006 course introducing students to fundamental theology through the arts, using the United States bishops' document "Built of Living Stones." Course description is below. For information on applying, click here.

Spring 2006
STRA 3155 01
"Built of Living Stones"
A. Garcia-Rivera (JSTB), M. Mochizuki (JSTB)
F 9:40 AM -12:30 PM
Built of Living Stones: Art, Architecture and Worship (2000) is the U.S. Catholic bishops' official statement on the use of religious art in the church. This is a praxis course for students in the JSTB M.Div. curriculum that offers an introduction to fundamental theology through the arts. Students in other schools and degree programs are welcome and no previous knowledge of art is required. The course is designed as a course in fundamental theology as it presents itself in the practical application of the arts in the parish as well as to develop critical visual skills for priestly/ministerial use. Lecture/discussion/guest speakers. Visits to Bay Area churches and museums including the Berkeley Art Museum, JSTB Chapel, SF Legion of Honor, Oakland Cathedral and St. Gregory of Nyssa. Evaluation will consist of active class participation, presentations (including a praxis project) and two brief papers. [1 systematic theology or liturgical studies class; 15 max. enrollment]