Monday, March 20, 2006


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The Cathedral Basilica of Saint Joseph was packed and the entire place was buzzing with excitement! Here are some pics, slide shows, and the San Jose Mercury News article on the Diocese of San Jose's 25th anniversary Mass on Saturday, March 18, 2006.

San Jose Mercury News article

San Jose Mercury News slideshow
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Slideshow of pictures
Pics taken before the Jubilee celebration, during the cultural presentations, at the beginning of the processional, and at the reading of the Pastoral Plan. The file is 3.27 MB large so please allow time for the entire file to load. "Sumus Ecclesia! We Are the Church!" is playing in the background, so please turn on your computer speakers. Courtesy of Melissa Tamayo.

Low-resolution video of the end of the Jubilee Mass
The background music is live audio from the Mass. The entire video is approximatley 4 minutes long and 8+ MB large. Please allow time for the entire file to load. Courtesy of Melissa Tamayo.