Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Thank you!!

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As any liturgist knows, good liturgy doesn't just happen (although it should look effortless). It takes the hard work and love of many many people. Above all, it takes the merciful grace of God to make all our efforts, human and divine, come together into one momentary earthly glimpse of the heavenly liturgy.

Almost 250 people put in their love and work on Saturday, March 18 and the weeks before so that the 800+ people in the assembly could do their work of giving praise to God for the 25 years of ministry as the Diocese of San Jose.

Some of those who helped make the diocese's Jubilee Mass a prayerful and Spirit-filled event are:

The Choir made up of music directors from the parishes of the Diocese
The Saint Ann Choir of Palo Alto
Parishioners of the Cathedral Basilica who served as ushers
Steve and Lior and the staff at Design2Market - worship aid design and production
The Party Helpers for the reception
All our prelude performers:
Sifu Meng and his Kung Fu Academy
Holy Korean Martyrs Drum Troop
Elizabeth and the Danza Liturgica de Santa Catalina
Poi, Aurora, Maan and the Filipino-American Youth Dance Group of Santa Teresa
Br. Phong, Chris, and the Saint Patrick Vietnamese Youth

Alba Aguirre – reader
Pat Allen - administrative work
José Amezcua – reader
Karina Amezcua – reader
Maureen Ariente – candle bearer
Israel Arrellano - Cathedral maintenance
Tim Barrington - sacristan
Hector Basañez – acolyte
Joe Bauer – candle bearer
Linda Bearie – speaker
Rev. Christopher Bennett – MC and liturgy committee
Br. William Bolts – procession of gifts
Melissa Broome - liturgy committee
Rev. Ritche Bueza - Cathedral liaison and liturgy committee
Tito Cartagenas – usher
Deacon Harry Collins – deacon of the altar
Ray Crisologo - liturgy committee
Linda Daily – usher
Ron Daily – usher
Sr. Terry Davis – candle bearer
Lynda DeManti – MC and liturgy committee
Gale Deome – liturgical movement
Sr. Marcela Fabing – candle bearer
Sr. Miriam Daniel Fahey – procession of gifts
Marianne Farag – usher
Jeff Fernandez – MC
Sr. Maria Rosaria Gallardo – procession of gifts
Anne Grycz – speaker and liturgy committee
Sr. Kathleen Hanley – procession of gifts
Adrienne Harris – acolyte
Bill Harris - acolyte's dad and driver
Lucia Hong – usher and liturgy committee
Margarita Hua - liturgy committee
Terrie Iacino – speaker
Joe Kim – acolyte
Steve Kim – usher
Jessica King - administrative work
Justin Le – acolyte
Elizabeth Lilly - liturgy committee
Jane Lucid – candle bearer
Vanessa Lunares – acolyte
Dr. William Mahrt - director of the Saint Ann Choir
Bruno Martinez – usher
Rosa Melendez - Cathedral preparation
Sr. Pat Mitchell – speaker
Celina Mogan – reader
Zach Mogan – reader
Don Morgan – usher
Sr. Patricia Marie Mulpeters – candle bearer
Bernard Nemis - administrative work and sign-maker extraordinaire
Andrew V. Nguyen – acolyte
Dzung Van Nguyen – lector
Sr. Josefa Nguyen – procession of gifts
Tan Nguyen – acolyte
Sandra Ojeda – reader
Susan Olsen – liturgical movement
Ernesto Orci – acolyte
Greg Ortiz - sacristan
Jesús Piceno – reader
Sr. Ana Maria Pineda – candle bearer
Donna Rehder – candle bearer and reception
John Michael Reyes - liturgy committee
Rev. Jose Rubio - liturgy committee
Br. James Sanders – procession of gifts
Wendy Scherbart – usher and reader coordinator
Gregory Schultz - composer
Sandy Scott – usher and reader coordinator and liturgy committee
Deacon Chady Segovia – deacon of the word
Sr. Rebecca Shinas – procession of gifts
Sr. Rachela Silvestri – procession of gifts
Sr. Gloria Solis – procession of gifts
Roberto Solozano - Cathedral maintenance
Melissa Tamayo - usher and hospitality
Noel Tamayo - usher and hospitality
Joe Tirado – usher and seating coordinator
Br. Matthew Townsend – procession of gifts
Nina Tranchina – usher
Erin Tully – reader
Linda Tully – administrative work
Adriana Valenzuela - Cathedral preparation
Elsa Villafin – reader coordinator
Lupita Vital – speaker and Cathedral preparation
Nick Wagner – usher
Julie Wind - music ministry director and liturgy committee
Ethan Winklebleck – reader
Danica Yamamura – reader
Carmen Zaragoza – lector