Wednesday, October 04, 2006

A Grandfather's Lesson on Forgiveness

AP photoI watched the news this morning. The reporter spoke with a grey-bearded man wearing a black hat. He turned his face away from the camera. She asked, "Have you forgiven this man who killed your granddaughter?" "Yes," he replied. "How can you do that?" she asked. "With God's help," he answered.

Overshadowing the headline stories of political scandals, rising wartime body counts, and the "stormtracker" maps of the first rains in the Bay Area, this grandfather in the Amish community of Paradise, Pennsylvania, is teaching all of us a great lesson of fogiveness. Read the story below.

PARADISE, Pennsylvania (CNN) -- A grieving grandfather told young relatives not to hate the gunman who killed five girls in an Amish schoolhouse massacre, a pastor said on Wednesday.

"As we were standing next to the body of this 13-year-old girl, the grandfather was tutoring the young boys, he was making a point, just saying to the family, 'We must not think evil of this man,'" the Rev. Robert Schenck told CNN.

"It was one of the most touching things I have seen in 25 years of Christian ministry."

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