Wednesday, October 18, 2006

To fingerprint or not to fingerprint--that is the question

I've received a few questions about who needs to be fingerprinted in our diocese. These questions were regarding musicians or cantors that might be hired for a one-time event, such as Christmas Midnight Mass or other special liturgies. Because you might be looking at hiring extra musicians this Christmas season, the clarification I received from our diocese's Chancellor, Linda Bearie, may be helpful to you.

All employees, even semi-regular and temporary employees, who work in a parish with a school must be fingerprinted under the education code prior to beginning work. They may not be paid through payroll if they do not have fingerprints that have cleared.

Employees of a parish without a school must be fingerprinted under the penal code if they have regular contact with children or dependent adults.

For more information and to read our diocesan policy on fingerprinting employees and volunteers, click here to download this PDF file.