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Classifieds: Seek and Ye Shall Find - outside of diocese of San Jose

Cathedral Organist
Cathedral of Saint Joseph, Wheeling, West Virginia, has a full-time opening for Cathedral Organist to play at three Sunday liturgies (6:00 p.m. Sat. and 8:00 and 10:30 a.m. Sun.), four weekday liturgies (12:05 p.m. Mon.-Fri. and 9:00 a.m. Sat.), all diocesan liturgies, and to accompany the Cathedral Choir. Additional responsibilities include holy day Masses, reconciliation services, other sacramental celebrations, and assistance with building a concert program. Weddings and funerals extra. Oversee maintenance of Casavant 49-rank organ with gallery and chancel consoles and a Baldwin grand piano. BA in organ performance, MA preferred, and thorough familiarity with the Roman Rite. Must be skilled in the performance of organ repertoire, improvisation, and service music. Competitive salary and benefits. E-mail letter of intent with resume to Very Rev. Kevin M. Quirk, JCD, Rector, by July 31, 2007.

Director of the Office for Pastoral Liturgy
The Roman Catholic Diocese of Cleveland is seeking a full-time Director of the Office for Pastoral Liturgy. The director’s primary function is to assist the Bishop in his role as “chief steward of the mysteries of God and the overseer, promoter, and guardian of the liturgical life” of the Church in Cleveland. On behalf of the Bishop, the director’s principal responsibility is the formation and preparation of liturgical ministers and liturgical committees, specifically, as the coordinator of the work of the Diocesan Liturgical Commission (an advisory group composed of pastors, liturgists, musicians, artists, architects, and directors of RCIA); a resource person to Diocesan parishes and institutions as well as Diocesan staff and Offices, handles correspondence for the Bishop dealing with liturgical matters; oversees the implementation of Built of Living Stones in the building and renovation of churches and chapels; maintains contacts with the Bishops’ Committee on the Liturgy of the USCCB; acts as the primary liaison to the Federation of Diocesan Liturgical Commissions.

Further, the director is responsible for the programming of the Office, including but not limited to: short and long-range planning concerning Liturgy and the Rites of the Church; educational (catechesis and mystagogy) programming concerning liturgical books and the Rites of the Church. As to the RCIA, the director coordinates the implementation of these Rites in parishes as well as the formation of RCIA ministers and teams. Finally, as an administrator, the director coordinates the staff, including a full-time Administrative Assistant and a part-time Diocesan Music Consultant; prepares and administers the Office budget; oversees the preparation of all Diocesan liturgies when requested; attends meetings of the Parish Life Secretariat Directors (of which it is a part) and other Diocesan groups as needed.

The candidate should have experience in Roman Catholic Liturgy and a master’s degree in Liturgy, theology or related field.

For further information or to submit a résumé, please contact: Donna Speagle, Human Resources Director, Catholic Diocese of Cleveland, 1404 East Ninth Street, Cleveland, Ohio 44114. The deadline for application is 31 May 2007.

Director of Music Ministries
Immaculate Conception Parish, Chicago, is currently seeking a Director of Music Ministries. The parish would like to fill the position as quickly as possible. Submit inquiries or application materials to the pastor (see parish website for information).

Job Description

I. Position Title: Director of Music Ministries and Organist at Immaculate Conception Church, Chicago, Illinois.

II. The Overall Goal for the Director of Music Ministries is: To assist assembled believers to express and share the gift of faith that is within them, and strengthen their interior commitment of faith through music. Using his/her administrative, liturgical, musical, pedagogical and pastoral skills, he/she will effectively plan, coordinate, execute, and evaluate all music for liturgical celebrations of the parish. With the cooperation and assistance of all the parish ministers in the church and school, the Director of Music Ministries will develop and realize a vision which supports the Gospel message through song and challenge the assembly to live that message more fully.

III. Duties and Responsibilities.

    Ministry of Worship - The Director of Music Ministries

      1. Provides music and musicians associated with worship at all Saturday and Sunday liturgies, major feast day liturgies, monthly grade school assembly masses, weddings, funerals and other special celebrations. These include:

        a. Eucharistic celebrations on 52 Saturdays/Sundays (4 per weekend), Ash Wednesday, Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter Vigil, Fourth of July, Assumption, All Saints Day, Thanksgiving, Immaculate Conception, Christmas Eve (3), Christmas Day (3), Mary, Mother of God.

        b. Additional celebrations for First Communion, Confirmation, School Parents Club Mass in May, School Graduation in June, Reconciliation (Advent and Lent), Anointing of the Sick (Spring and Fall), Parish Retreats or Missions, January Holy Hour for Life, Monthly Holy Hour (as needed).

        c. Grade School Assembly Masses (9 per year) at which a children¹s choir usually sings.

        d. Weddings (approximately 30 per year), Funerals (approximately 100 per year), and Anniversary and Memorial Masses (about 10 per year), all of which are paid for by the families or individuals requesting these services.

      2. Selects and plans music for all of the above celebrations utilizing worship resources which clearly reflect and enhance the theme(s) of the day and which deepen the liturgical and scriptural understanding of the worshipping assembly.

      3. Strives to increase sung participation of the parish community by introducing worship resources which are musically varied, technically accessible, and stylistically appropriate.

      4. Provides liturgical consultation to individuals in planning weddings (1 hour or more per couple or bi-annual Wedding Faire), funerals, anniversaries and memorial masses (1Ž2 hour each), and grade school liturgies (1 hour each mass).

    Ministry of Administration - The Director of Music Ministries

      1. Collaborates with the Pastor, under whose supervision, and with other members of the parish staff, integrates his or her own musical area of responsibility with the overall goals of the parish.

      2. Is responsible for all music associated with worship, religious education, social ministry, and evangelization in the parish.

      3. Selects and plans music (both short and long-term) in cooperation with the Liturgy Committee which meets monthly. Collaborates with other staff members to ensure appropriate music for all parish sacramental celebrations, and provides them with consultation and needed assistance.

      4. Orders music scores and worship materials and prepares same for use at rehearsals.

      5. Maintains a music library consisting of the following components:
        a. Choral Music (Parish Choir, Children¹s Choirs, Disciples of Rhythm), Handbell Music for bells and chimes, a director¹s copy file.
        b. Instrumental music for accompanying liturgy and hymns.
        c. Liturgically organized reference library of materials for future purchase.

      6. Provides input into the liturgical music component of the religious education program and parish school.

      7. Prepares worship aids for use in liturgies which may include monthly ³Family Masses,² Holy Week, and other special celebrations.

      8. Obtains copyright permission for materials printed in worship aids.

      9. Oversees maintenance of musical instruments and sound equipment:
        a. 51-rank Holtkamp pipe organ
        b. Kimball grand piano in sanctuary
        c. Schulmerich Carillon in sacristy
        d. Upright piano in Rectory Assembly
        e. Kurzweiler PC88 keyboard with powered mixer
        f. Wurlitzer Piano in School Hall (maintenance covered in school budget)
        g. Schulmerich English Handbells (3 octaves with accessories)
        h. Malmark Chimes (3 octaves)
        i. Various percussion instruments
        j. Mackie mixer, microphones and cables

      10. Relocates and sets up instruments/equipment used by music ensembles as needed.

      11. Schedules all parish musicians (paid assistant organist, volunteer choirs, volunteer cantors, guitarists, wind and string players), prepares typed schedules for choirs and cantors, and maintains up-to-date rosters of all parish music ensembles.

      12. Selects, hires, and supervises assistant and substitute organists/pianists. Contracts with outside musicians to provide professional services at special liturgies (Christmas, Easter, concerts, weddings, funerals, and other celebrations). Arranges for timely payment of each.

      13. Supervises volunteer director for Jr. Ringer Chime Choir.

      14. Arranges for substitute accompanists to play for liturgies when he/she cannot be present.

      15. Facilitates and assists visiting musicians/ensembles.

      16. Prepares and manages the budget for the parish music program in collaboration with the Pastor and Business Manager.

    Ministry of Education - The Director of Music Ministries

      1. Invites, motivates, trains, and directs all parish ministers of music (volunteer and paid).

      2. Provides liturgical formation, music education, and practical preparation for liturgical celebration for the following parish ensembles:

        a. Parish Choir, weekly rehearsal
        b. Handbell Choir, weekly rehearsal
        c. Disciples of Rhythm (contemporary group), weekly rehearsal
        d. Choristers (grades 5-8), weekly rehearsal
        e. Jr. Choristers (grades 3-4), weekly rehearsal
        f. Cantor Guild, quarterly rehearsal

      3. Provides ongoing individual tutoring for parish ministers in need of remedial training and for clergy as needed.

      4. Arranges music, as needed, for instrumentalists.

      5. Composes and/or arranges liturgical music for Handbell Choir.

      6. Adequately prepares for worship celebrations by practicing on a daily basis.

      7. Informs parish musicians of workshops and concerts which they may attend; facilitates their participation.

      8. Keeps abreast of current developments in liturgy and music, and shares this information with staff, ministers of music and congregation.

    Ministry of Pastoral Services - The Director of Music Ministries

      1. Is visibly present at principal parish events, and promotes good public relations both in and out of the parish.

      2. Strives to involve new parishioners in the music program, and continually expands the musical resources of the parish.

      3. Works to foster unity among all parish musicians, and create a spirit of harmony with the presider and other liturgical ministers.

      4. Is involved in ecumenical cluster and Archdiocesan networks of professional peers.

      5. Attends to his/her professional and spiritual development by attending conferences, workshops, and retreats.

IV. Special Projects in Music Ministries:

To the extent that time and resources are available, the Director of Music Ministries will strive to:

    1. Increase the number of vocalists and instrumentalists serving at liturgies, while broadening the demographics and raising the artistic level of volunteer music ministers.

    2. Be a resource in the development of sung liturgies at weekday grade school masses.

    3. Present two concerts or prayer services during the year, which have included a December service of Lessons & Carols and a Spring Music Ministry Concert.

    4. Coordinate visiting choirs/performers for the spiritual and social benefit of the parish.

    5. Organize and coordinate an annual choir appreciation event at the end of the season.

V. Qualities.

The Director of Music Ministries possesses qualities common to all pastoral ministers. In particular, he/she is a person of prayer, is sensitive to the cultural experience of parishioners, understands their spirituality and worship life, and is someone who shares faith, serves the community, and expresses the love of God and neighbor through music.

VI. Competencies and Skills.

In addition to the competencies and skills required of all pastoral ministers, the Director of Music Ministries is:

    1. Knowledgeable and comfortable with church music literature in all forms and styles for the congregation, choirs, vocalists and instrumentalists.

    2. Proficient in liturgical principles.

    3. Has a thorough understanding of the musical, liturgical, and pastoral judgements which must be made in selecting music for liturgy.

    4. Technically proficient in keyboard, voice, and choral/instrumental conducting.

VII. Training.

Preparation for this ministry demands professional training in music and liturgy. Minimally, a Bachelor¹s Degree in Music or equivalent is required for a Director of Music Ministries, however, the equivalent of a Master¹s Degree in music and liturgy is preferred.

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