Friday, November 02, 2007

Dr. Gary Macy - "Diversity as Tradition: Why the Future of Christianity is Looking More Like Its Past" - November 8, 2007

Diversity as Tradition:
Why the Future of Christianity
is Looking More like Its Past
November 8, 2007
7:30p - 9:00p
Williman Room, Benson Memorial Center
Santa Clara University
Free lecture open to the public

Dr. Gary Macy, recently appointed John Nobili, S.J. Professor of Theology at Santa Clara University, received both his Bachelor's and his Master's degrees from Marquette University where he specialized in historical and sacramental theology. He earned his doctoral degree in Divinity from Cambridge University in 1978.

The history of Christianity has often been presented as monolithic, and this uniformity has been prized as its tradition. Yet historians have long been aware that in fact Christianity has always existed as a community of diversity. The Gregorian Reforms of the eleventh and twelfth centuries successfully created the illusion of a unity that was ultimately unenforceable. It is time to recover diversity as the real tradition of Christianity, a diversity open once again to accepting the best of each Christian community as well as the best of the traditions with which Christians interact. In the streets, in the classrooms and in the churches, this openness already exists. The challenge of Catholic universities is to address this new situation explicitly and theologically in each of those forums.

This lecture is free and open to the public. Information: Nikole Nichols, (408) 551-1951.
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