Friday, June 10, 2005

Fight Homelessness 12 Inches at a Time

Image hosted by Photobucket.comBob Dolci is the liturgist at Our Lady of Guadalupe in San José. On Sundays he prepares the home for the People of God; during the week he helps those with no home find dignity, shelter, and safety again. I will be purchasing several sets of rulers. Please consider helping this project in any way you can. - Diana

From Bob Dolci

Dear Friends:

As you might know, the company I work for, EHC LifeBuilders, serves the homeless in Santa Clara County. Each year, we serve over 13,000 people, many of whom are families. With the decreased financial support of our government, combined with the ever-rising needs of the families we serve, we are faced with more and more challenges. I am writing to you today in the hopes that each of you will assist me with our end of the year fundraiser.

Our Ruler Project is designed to show our community in visual terms about the work we do. We are constructing a house, that once complete, will be relocated to one of the family housing programs for the children to play in. Can you envision a playhouse constructed out of rulers? Me neither. But we are doing it. And imagine this - each ruler has the opportunity to have a name on it. A name is a voice, a statement, a commitment that says to our community that is not okay for children to sleep outside. That is it unconscionable in a valley of such wealth to allow children sleep in cars, parks, and under bridges. That housing is and should be a basic human right.

You can lend a voice to our mission. For a mere $10, you are committing to buying a set of rulers--one you keep, the others I will faithfully inscribe your name or whatever name or word you'd like on it and add it to our project. (Of course, I wouldn't stop you from buying several sets of rulers….)

I've committed myself to selling 100 of these rulers, and to do that, I need your help. Not only in purchasing a set(s) of rulers, but by also passing this message to others in your world who you know also care about homelessness and might want to participate in a tangible way. I believe in our community, I believe that we can manifest change, and I believe that if we bring our voices together we create momentum for what is right.

Here is a form that you can print out and mail in (you need Adobe Reader) with your payment. I'd appreciate you putting my name (Bob Dolci) on the envelope and also on the flyer, so I can keep track of each of you and your support and personally thank you. If you'd rather send it directly to me, you can do so c/o:
    Boccardo Reception Center
    2011 Little Orchard Street
    San José, CA 95125.
I know we each get hit up all the time for donations - and I am doing that to each of you right now - but I also believe it can be more than that - we are building a monument for change and I would love nothing more than to see the names of the people I know and love alongside mine.

Please let me know if you have any questions - 408-539-2100, and I look forward to hearing from all of you. Thank you in advance for taking the time to support the work of EHC LifeBuilders and the work I've committed myself to doing for the past 12 years.


Click here for a donation form you can print out and mail to Bob.