Thursday, January 18, 2007

Sample Intercessions for January 21, 2007 - Week of Christian Unity

3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year C
January 21, 2007

Things, events, and news items to keep in mind:

  • Click here for the day's readings.
  • Over 21,000 more United States soldiers will be sent to Iraq.
  • January 18 to 25 each year is celebrated in all Christian churches as a Week of Prayer for Christian Unity. Bishop Patrick J. McGrath has asked that parishes in the San Jose diocese observe this Sunday as a special day of prayer for Christian Unity and to substitute the prayers of the Mass of the Third Sunday of Ordinary Time with the prayers of the Mass for the Unity of Christians.
  • January 25, 2007, marks the 18th anniversary of the ordination to the order of bishops of Bishop Patrick J. McGrath.
  • January 27, 2007, marks the 26th anniversary of the establishment of the Diocese of San Jose.
  • Record cold hits the Bay Area, leaving the homeless vulnerable, destroying citrus crops, and leaving thousands of farm workers without jobs for the next growing season.
  • Iraq saw one of its bloodiest days with over 100 being killed by car bombs in one day.
  • Two abducted boys were found in Missouri--one missing for four days, the other mising for four years.
The following are just samples meant to inspire your work. Use them as ideas for your own assembly's intercessions. Read 10 Principles for Writing Intercessions and How To Write Intercessions to help you write your own.

With confidence in our God,
let us pray for the needs of the world.

For the entire body of Christ
into which all Christians are baptized: [pause]
for the grace of peace, understanding, and reconciliation;
for an appreciation of our differences,
the acknowledgement of our need for each other;
for untiring effort to be one body united in one Spirit.
We pray to the Lord.

For all who have been hurt by the division among Christians: [pause]
for ecumenical families and households;
for church leaders and their congregations;
for glad tidings to those who weep
and a year of favor for all God’s people.
We pray to the Lord.

For our local Church, the Diocese of San Jose: [pause]
for Bishop McGrath, our pastors, and all who serve our parishes;
for today's apostles, prophets, and teachers;
for the anointing of the Spirit of wisdom upon them all.
We pray to the Lord.

For a world in need of glad tidings: [pause]
for nations at war where violence reigns;
for farm workers and those who harvest the fruit of the land;
for families reunited, and for children still missing.
We pray to the Lord.

For the sick and the dying: [pause]
for those who suffer physical, spiritual, or mental anguish;
for those who can find no reason to rejoice today,
including those we now name...[pause].
We pray to the Lord.

For the dead: [pause]
for victims of war, poverty, and violence;
for friends and loved ones who have died,
including those we now name...[pause].
We pray to the Lord.

Your words, Lord, are spirit and life.
On this day which you have made holy,
shower your favor upon us,
and proclaim this year acceptable to you.
Hear our prayers and grant them according to your will,
for we trust in your promise that today your word shall be fulfilled.
We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.

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