Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Music, Youth, and Liturgy: An online workshop

Saint Vincent de Paul Parish in Petaluma, California, with their pastor, Fr. Gary Lombardi, invited me to speak to their parish on March 11, 2007, on basic principles of music in liturgy with some focus on music that would attract youth. This short presentation was to help them prepare for small-group discussion on what priorities their parish would work on regarding music and the liturgy as they prepare for their 150th anniversary as a parish.

Fortunately, they videotaped my presentation. So now, you can also use this in your own parish and with your own choirs and liturgy committees. The presentation is relatively short (my part is about 25 minutes). So it could be a good discussion starter for one of your liturgy planning meetings or choir rehearsals.

Thanks to the good people at Saint Vincent de Paul for inviting me and providing this video online so others can use it!

Click here to view the presentation by Diana Macalintal on music in the liturgy.

I reference some handouts during the presentation which you can download here:

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