Thursday, October 21, 2004

66.4 Million Catholics

According to the Yearbook of American and Canadian Churches for 2004, there are 66.4 million members of the Catholic Church in the United States. The next largest church membership is 16.24 million with the Southern Baptist Convention.

Catholics make up the largest voting block in the United States.

Earlier this year, a small group of young adults with a passion for the church, knowledge of advocacy as well as theology, and a good website designer, realized that Catholics have a huge voice in US politics simply by the exercise of their vote. They also saw that campaigning rhetoric was focusing on only a couple of Catholic issues while the whole spectrum of Gospel issues was being ignored.

So they began the Catholic Voting Project and created a non-partisan website that looks at all of Catholic social teaching and presents an unbiased look at where each candidate stands on all these issues.

They also tackle some of the recent press on statements by some US bishops about voting and sin and address the question of voting for pro-choice candidates.

Check out, a resource for faith, politics, and democracy, and read up.

If you’re tired of reading, just check out their humorous cartoon, Catholic Dining with Bush and Kerry.