Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Filipino Debut Blessing

Filipino Debut Blessing
by Fr. Wayne Negrete

© 2006, Wayne Negrete.
Used with permission.


In the spirit of Filipino tradition, we gather today to celebrate the debut of N., who now at 18 years of life, enters into adulthood.

N. comes here with her parents, N. and N. With much love and pride, they present her to you, the community, with the hope and confidence that she will share her personal gifts in service of God’s Kingdom,

In a spirit of gratitude, N. comes here with her cotillion court of 9 teenage boys and 9 teenage girls, each representing one year of her life and the graces received during each of those years.

N. also comes here with all of you, family and friends, to give praise to God for all God’s blessings and to ask your prayers and support for God’s continued guidance in her adult life.

And so, let us pray.


Lord God, Giver of Life and Constant Companion,
we give you thanks and praise for the life of N.
on this very special day of her debut.

Bestow your heavenly blessings upon N. today
and all the days of her life.

As she enters into the life of the community as an adult woman,
may the Holy Spirit continue to guide her in wisdom,
knowledge, and strength.

Through the intercession of Mary,
may she be counted
among the faithful and valiant women of the community,
sharing her gifts, talents, and time for the sake of others,
especially the poor and marginalized.

May her heart continue to be molded
into the likeness of Jesus’ heart,
that she may serve you with joy and happiness.

Give her good health,
a long life,
close friends,
a discerning heart,
a zeal for life
and lots of love and hope.

We pray this
in the name of the Father, (+)
and of the Son,
and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

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