Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Quinceañera / Debut Blessing

I was asked to write a blessing for the occasion of a Filipino “debut.” A debut is similar to the Hispanic tradition of Quinceañeras or the European tradition of debutante balls or presentations for young women (and sometimes men) who are now considered adults in society. Below is what I created slightly adapted from the “Prayer of Blessing on the Occasion of A Birthday” from the Catholic Book of Blessings. Feel free to use it in your own parish or home celebrations of coming of age.

God of every age,
you created all the people of the world
and you know each of us by name.
We thank you for N.,
who today blesses you for the life you have given her.
As she commits herself more deeply to this community
and to the world around her
in a bond of friendship, love, and service,
we ask you to look kindly upon her and continue to bless her
with the Spirit she received at her baptism.
May she always love her family, be faithful to her friends,
and grow in wisdom, knowledge, and grace,
until the day she stands before your heavenly throne.
Grant this through Christ our Lord. Amen.

©, 2006, Diana Macalintal. All rights reserved.

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