Friday, December 29, 2006

December 29: Memorial of Saint Thomas Becket (Thomas of Canterbury)

The Fifth Day of Christmas
Murder of Saint Thomas Becket -
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Today's song

Seynt Thomas honour we...Al holy chyrch

Seynt Thomas honour we,
Thorgh whos blod Holy Chyrch ys made fre.

Al Holy Chyrch was bot a thrall
Thorgh kyng and temperal lordys all,
To he was slane in Cristys hall
And set all thing in unite:
Hys deth hath such auctorite.

Seynt Thomas honour we...

The kyng bot lytyl whyl hym sparyd:
Knyghtes in chyrch hys crown of paryd;
Thus the corner-ston was squaryd
Betwen clergy and temperalte,
To knytt pes and unite.

Seynt Thomas honour we...

Saint Thomas honor we,
Through whose blood Holy Church is made free.

All Holy Church was but a thrall
Through king and temporal lords all,
Till he was slain in Christ’s hall
And set all things in unity:
His death hath such authority.

Saint Thomas honor we...

The king but little while him spared:
Knights in church his crown off pared;
Thus the cornerstone was squared
Between clergy and temporality,
To knit peace and unity.

Saint Thomas honor we...