Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Filipino Lectionary Online

SAMBUHAY is a Filipino Sunday lectionary that can now be accessed via the Internet for a yearly subscription. This might be useful for your lectors who serve at Filipino Masses.

To access the missalette via the Internet, log on to www.rome67ad.com and you will find the button of SAMBUHAY Online on the left side of the page. Choose what kind of language/dialect you want. Then, you will be shown the available Sundays and Solemnities to be downloaded. Before you can download, you will be asked your username and password. Thus, it is better to pay the subscription beforehand so that you can access the published missalette anytime.

Subscription to SAMBUHAY is PhP 12.00 (about $0.25 USD) per issue/per edition. Subscription to English Edition costs PhP 984.00 (about $20 USD) while Tagalog Edition costs PhP 840.00 (about $17 USD) for one year subscription.

SAMBUHAY, the Sunday Missalette, is a pastoral ministry of the priest and brothers of the Society of St. Paul to aid you in your liturgical services. The Society of St. Paul is a congregation of religious Brothers and Priests whose primary apostolate is to spread the Good News through the Modern Media of Social Communication. Found in 28 countries worldwide, they reach out to people of all ages with materials for the nourishment of both the spirit and mind.