Sunday, December 31, 2006

December 31: Feast of the Holy Family

The Seventh Day of Christmas
The Holy Family - icon from Coptic Museum in Cairo
"After they had completed the days of Passover,
as they were returning,
the boy Jesus remained behind in Jerusalem,
but his parents did not know it." (Luke 2:41-52)

Today's prayer

In the course of our spiritual journey, it often happenes that we think Jesus is still at our side when actually he hasn't been walking with us for some time. And far more than once, when we have gone seeking him with hurt feelings, his response has been, "How is it that you have sought me?" But we have never understood his words, because we do not understand his heart.

We are also going to Jerusalem, but we only go at the appointed times, following the rules. We make the sacrifice, we keep our "Passover," but when we have done what is required, we return to our own path, assuming that Christ will be with us on the way we have laid out for ourselves. The result is that day by day, year after year, we walk without God.

O Lord, help us to understand what is in your heart, to follow in your footsteps. Save us from our own stupidity, in which we expect you to follow us. Amen.

Prayer from China

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